Arman Rousta: Consciousness | The Polymath Project – S02 E09

This is what it looks like. This is my journey and how I get ‘there’. On the heels of another serene Ramadan (internally), amidst the storms going on ‘out there’ in the world, I was inspired to record and share the deep sense of Inner Peace that I have been able to access and maintain for long stretches of time – days and weeks on end – essentially, at will.

Higher Consciousness is a choice that we have, in every moment, like an elevator switch – Up or Down. Consistency, as in any practice or skill, is everything. What you can ‘see’ from here, the view of oneself and the world, is like a Lucid Dream, where your senses are unbelievably heightened and locked in, yet totally at ease. It is like a cool, flowing river, moving gently through the countryside, taking it all in.

Guest: Arman Rousta, Founder of b.labs Ventures
Thu, May 21st @ 1pm ET