Arman Rousta: The Roots of Racism and How To Dismantle Them | The Polymath Project – S02 E10

As our so-called advanced society continues to unravel, rearing its rampant dysfunctions and systemic issues, such as racism against African Americans (not to mention many other races and classes of Americans, and non-Americans), there is a Silver Lining – a tremendous opportunity that each one of us has to truly Wake Up. How we educate ourselves – the sources of the information that we take in – who we surround ourselves with, and what we do in our own Internal World (our sacred space) each and every day, determines our destiny. It is in our hands, now and always. We can be dismayed by the ugliness that we see from fellow human beings – and maybe even ourselves – or we can accept that this is part of the human condition, and what we need to intently work to transcend – the animal nature. Racism = Judgment, and Judgment comes from Fear and Laziness. How do you judge yourself and others? Evolving the Human Race begins with each one of us taking a more Patient approach to Life, in order to slowly open our minds and hearts to the Truth, inconvenient as it may be at times, and within that process, we can rebuild ourselves, our families and our communities, brick by brick.

The Roots of Racism and How To Dismantle Them
Guest: Arman Rousta, Founder of b.labs Ventures
Fri, June 5th @ 1pm ET